Kenyan women dating

Kenya has two official languages - English and Swahili but you'll notice that English will be spoken in most of the bigger urban areas but in rural areas the local dialect (69 in total) will be dominant.The use of English in Kenya is widespread enough to prevent any potential language barriers for visitors to the country.

Some Nigerian chaps in particular do not have much love for our Kenyan sisters are we are soon to understand why.I noticed that our Kenyan female counterparts were sharing rooms with our Nigerian male colleagues just two days after we met. Marriage in Nigeria is a very big deal and that’s why women and men don’t rush into it.When a girl shows interest in a man, the family starts snooping just to find out his background.Damilola Sonji spent four years in Kenya and thinks wooing a Kenyan woman is much easier and cheaper than a Nigerian, since it’s hard getting as many one-night stands from them as he got in Kenya.2.“Kenyan women are desperate for cheap drinks” How much does it take really to get yourself a drink.3.

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