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View a screenshot of the Tina's Webcam site as it was until April 23.

Update: The Domain page provides a link to public, freely-available statistics tabulated by of usage of the Domain site.

The domain names that redirect to Tina are a mixture of three types of character strings.

A portion of the domains use generic combinations of numbers and letters without any obvious meaning (,,

The apparent expectation of such firms is that at least some users will request the web pages previously (before domain expiration) hosting other content; any such users will instead be shown this new content, likely creating profits for the firms that reregistered the expired domain names.

In recent research, I have documented several thousand domains reregistered by one particular firm -- many domain names that all redirect users to one particular web page displaying sexually explicit images.

Especially popular Domain Strategy-registered domains include domains that would at first glance seem to be related to certain movies, restaurants, stores, humor sites, and at least one police department.

See snapshots of overview of usage, top domains, usage by day, top users, and specific users (as they stood on April 25, 2002).

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A Yahoo-Korea site provided a link that yielded some 70,000 hits between November 14, 2001 and April 25, 2002.

Other domains use words or combinations of words that clearly suggest the presence of sexually-explicit content (,,

Some of these strings may accurately describe the content available from Tina's site; however, at least from the front page of the Tina site, it is uncertain that many or even most of these strings in fact correctly describe the content available after registration.

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