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Joel and Zac will be busy manning their ‘Absolutely Free 24 Hour Sled Island Outfit Validation Hotline.’ They are really excellent at having feelings so they will feel you (emotionally) if you’re just not up to feeling yourself. If you could have any artist, with absolutely no limitations, design the artwork for your next album, who would it be? Matt: Geneva will not admit this herself because she is a modest butterfly, but she is an accomplished illustrator and designs all of the We Knew art and merchandise.

The truth is that if we were able to acquire anyone in the world to do our artwork, we would still choose Geneva because she is wildly talented, she *gets* our *vibe*, and it would just be a lot more work to try to explain to someone else over Google Chat how the prairies are magical and beautiful but also a symbol of enduring hopelessness and isolation.

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